Successful Supplier Training Courses

A Striking PQQ (Level 1)

A Striking PQQ is a start to finish practical guide to completing PQQs for public sector business opportunities. We start with the basics of the public sector process and what strategies you can adopt to select the right PQQs for your business. We then take an in-depth look at PQQ completion and how to answer the 'standard' PQQ questions you will receive when tendering and what content will support you to receive winning scores. This course also covers the new EU procurement regulations, their impact on the PQQ stage and also your rights at PQQ stage as a supplier.

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A Compelling Bid (Level 1)

A Compelling Bid aims to provide you with an understanding of the buyer's needs and their bid documents plus show you how to provide bids that give you and your business the winning edge. The course is designed for those who would like to apply best practice to bid management and writing and ultimately improve their success rate.

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Bid Writing Skills (Level 2)

This course will challenge bid writers to improve their submissions through the analysis and improvement of their current skills. As with all of our courses, our content is based in practice not in theory and we will help you take your bids from good to great by looking not just at the writing itself (although this is covered in-depth) but also all the components that will support you to write winning content such as storyboarding, researching and editing.

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